The school Wat Kho Thaï was born in 1998 from the desire of a young adult, Koco Coralie, to have a place to practice sport and the desire to promote sport as a rewarding and structuring activity.


The association aims to promote and teach martial arts and to organize and participate in any events to promote its activity.


The association has no economic purpose. It is not related to any other association, political movement or confession.


Koco Coralie comes from a Parisian suburb where he started boxethaï, initiated by older ones. He has followed courses in the following training centers:


Muay Thai Institute

Gisty gym in Bangkok

Chawwen gym in Kho Samui

Laos Thai Boxing in Laos

Malisy Sport in Malaysia

Pataya Gym in Pataya

Lumpini stadium in Bangkok

World Muay Thai Consul in Bangkok

Team Zitoun


He attended Level 1, 2 and 3 instructor training at the Muay Thai Institute in Bangkok.


After trying to bring the young people of the Avanchets district in the gym where he teaches, it quickly became clear that travel, the high cost of classes as well as difficulty to fit in a traditional setting represented major brakes.


It was obvious that this space should open up in the city and be cheap, informal but with great rigor as to the content of activities.


At the same time, a group of teenagers from the city were training in the break and seeking to diversify their training places. Indeed they used the Eclipse and the neighborhood house but were faced with time constraints and sharing premises. They became part of the group.


People eager to share their passion for African dance, hip-hop and salsa soon became part of the school. She would like to set up free classes open to everyone.


In 2005, the first general assembly met to make Wat Kho Thai School an association.


School d'Avanchet-Salève


Two training rooms are at your disposal and equipment: Glove, Shin pads, Paws of Bear / Pao Boxing. Cloakroom and bathroom are also available.

Ecole avanchet- saleve 17 ,Rue Francois Durafour  1220 LES AVANCHETS 
  TEL 0041 78 837 05 04 / 0041 77 958 93 26 / 0041 79 263 04 44
www.watkhothai.com    wat.kho.thai.av@gmail.com
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